You can view and download the 2023 Annual Report HERE.

The Board of Directors of Trivarx Limited (Trivarx or the Company) ABN 58 008 130 336 is responsible for:
• the corporate governance of the Company; and
• guiding and monitoring the Company’s business on behalf of its shareholders.

The Company and its Board continue to be fully committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of accountability and transparency in their reporting and see the continued development of the Company’s corporate governance policies and practices as fundamental to the Company’s successful growth.

To the extent applicable, in light of the Company’s operational size and complexity, the Board has adopted the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Fourth Edition) as published by ASX Corporate Governance Council (Recommendations). However, the Board also recognises that full adoption of the Recommendations may not be practical or provide the optimal result given the particular circumstances of the Company.

The Company’s Charters and Policies are available from the Company’s website at

Any references to various Charters or Policies within the statement below, are references to those published on the Company’s website. Information published on the Company’s website includes a copy of this corporate governance statement.

This Corporate Governance Statement was approved by the Board of Directors and is current as at 29 September 2023.

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